NOTE ABOUT WAITLISTS (July 15, 2018): A recent change has been made to The First Tee’s  Salesforce registration environment which will be of benefit to parents and administrators. Going forward, registrations begun in Salesforce but not completed after 48 hours will be automatically marked “Abandoned,” and removed from parents’ shopping carts, allowing new registrations in their place.  This change will reduce the “Waitlist” situations that many of you have encountered with the most popular class times. It will also reduce administrative time in monitoring “In Process” registrations, and it will make the registration process more fair to all families.

This year, registrations will occur online only. For detailed instructions on how to register, view our Registration Guide.



Per session rates for this year will be as follows:

TARGET – $60

PLAYer/Par – $90

Birdie – $110

Eagle – $120

ACE – $125

Additionally, beginning with the Spring Session of 2018, the following discounts will be in effect:

  • Active Duty Military will receive a discount of 20% per session per registrant*
  • Siblings of registered participants will receive a discount of 20% per registrant

Two rates are increasing this year: Birdie, which will increase by $10, and ACE, which will be reduced $25 per registration. HOWEVER, ACE Participants will be required to register EACH session in which they intend to participate, Spring, Summer and Fall. Previously, ACES only had to register once per year. This change will bring the annual ACE rate more in line with that of Eagle, which had actually been higher on an annual basis until this year.

*The Military Discount will be applied automatically if the Account Holder has identified him/herself as Military when entering a participant for the first time. If you are Active Duty Military and your file is not so annotated, please contact us at 410-730-1114, or via email at to have your file updated.